Strategy and planning are the foundation of it all. We analyze your needs. Flesh out your target audience, and study their media consumption habits. Where and how will we reach them? What does the field look like, and how will you be distinctive? At the end of this process, we know the tools we’ll use, exactly where we’re headed, and the steps it will take to get there
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Branding/rebranding is where creativity and communication meet - it’s finding the beautiful genetic code of what makes you, you. Don’t forget, branding is all about: when the times comes, will a customer decide on you? The reason they will is because, consciously and unconsciously, they connect with your story. Yes, it’s in your logo, but it’s in all your visuals: colors, scales, images.  All our skills and experience are at your service here.

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Out of our branding/rebranding process and strategy, we generate content. Whether it’s the words on your website, a script for a video, or a monthly blog, it’s unique, contains valued information, and yes, is fun to read. Our content producers are experts in crafting the perfect content to express your uniqueness, making a potential customer’s decision easy.

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We analyze what’s happening now, and so we have a pretty good idea what’s over the horizon. We’re on top of trends and evolution in responsive design for mobile devices, flat design, CMS templates. UX will be tailored to your target audience, each website custom designed to stand out from your competitors. Ultimately, our vibrant design will delight users.

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As always, the visual concept is the foundation. Then we practice that intricate art of coding your foundation into the tangible and smoothly functional marketing tool called a website.

When your project matures and is ready for launch, we are there for you with a bundle of continuing services: Web hosting,  Email Services, Backup solutions, CMS content and code updates, Code implementation and ongoing Tech Support.

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Marketing sprouts many legs, all of which can help you get where you want to go. SEO. PPC. Social networks. Blogs. Newsletters. As always, we marry technology and design, old school and new school, to create the desired results: your potential customer stops and takes a look, and says, "Yes".

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The world of print will never grow old, because you can hold it in your hand, give it to your potential clients and inspire action. Logo design. Business cards. Stationary. Catalogs. Folders. Brochures. Don't you love taking home a beautiful glossy catalog of a certain world-renowned Scandinavian furniture store? That's the idea.